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Hey, brand new here and looking for a little help.

I'm trying to figure out how to make a decent origami sakura flower. Most I've found in my online searches are either four-petaled or involve cutting the flower into shape, which just seems like cheating.

Anyone know of a five-petaled, minimal scissor-using methods for making a sakura flower?

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Coming soon: a link to a new feature from OUSA, 'Ask Dr. Diagram', in which questions about specific problems with folding from diagrams will be answered - sounds like a great boon to folders everywhere!

And this just in - the 30-second paper airplane flight is still a goal:

Happy holidays and new year and the peace of paper to you all!
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I was looking at a You-tube film from this year's OUSA convention and happened upon this from the BOS convention a couple of years ago - some stunning models and a little chat from some luminaries, well worth the watching!
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I already moaned about not being able to attend - well, this is a bit of consolation, a bit of angst - Kim from the OUSA mailing list has given me permission to share this link to her marvelous photos!

If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing an origami con, the Model Menu shows what will be taught during class sessions (Sold Out means that the teacher's limit has been reached and your only way to learn that one is in the public space after class times). The Exhibition is an open display space for anyone to show their stuff, not necessarily being taught or diagrammed - you'll see some AMAZING stuff here.

Every year the OUSA Convention has a contest - the year I went, it was for teams of two, only one of whom saw the diagrams and had to coach the other through the steps. This year it was oversized folding - teams of four making HUGE versions of their choice of model. You'll love this!

Anyhow, enough intro - here are Kim's photos. Enjoy!
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I know there are many people with icon-making skills out there, and regret I'm not one of them. Would anyone like to offer a good origami icon for this group?

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Picture... )

Hey! Great to see an origami community on DW. Here's the latest okay-looking photo of something I've folded. I'm just starting to play with tesselations (as might be apparent,) but having fun with it. And hey, I finally found something that looks *good* in that gradient-ey paper you find in craft stores, sometimes :)

So, here's my two-part question to the comm: What kind of paper do you like for tesselations; and where do you get it?
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Is anybody going to the OUSA convention? I wish I were! I was able to go once, and being in a huge room with several hundred international paper-folders is such a rush! Floating from table to table, sitting down to learn this or that (or to teach this or that), being around other people who don't think it's odd when, on seeing a particular piece of paper, you exclaim, 'I know what I want to fold from that - it's PERFECT!' - not something you get anywhere else.

So anyhow - are any of you going? If so I would love detailed reports!


May. 19th, 2009 01:06 pm
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I noticed that there wasn't a community for origami (although 'origami' was already in use as an account name - fooey!) - so now there is one.

Share pictures/diagrams of your latest creation/discovery! Ask when you come to a point in the instructions where - they want you to do WHAT??? Tell stories about how origami has changed your life! This is your community.

If there are words/names/concepts you'd like to see in the 'Interests' section of this community I'll be happy to add them.
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